About Boundless Trade Network

Boundless Trade Network is a two part joint project developed by Portal Seekers members Simoyd (shop scanning client) and Fuzzy (web application) with the support of other Portal Seekers members.

Both this website and the scanner client are not officially endorsed by, maintained, or supported in any way by Wonderstruck Games / Boundless development staff.

We are also operating these tools under a "best effort" support model without compensation. We do not make any promises that the technology will work, or will work with any degree of accuracy. These tools and any information from them are being provided to the community as-is.

Purpose and Reason

The main goal of this project is to provide the Boundless community the ability to quickly and transparently participate in the open and free Boundless in game market. A market that is already shaped entirely by the community.

Although we are limited by technology constraints in some cases, we have and will continue to operate this project with fairness to all Boundless community members considered and accommodated to the best of our abilities within those constraints.

How Does it Work

First thing to know is that we fully expect and hope that this is a temporary platform for providing transparent Boundless market data to the community en masse. We acknowledge this is not the best solution possible and that it does have some limitations, but is instead only a community built stepping stone toward a better and officially supported solution.

With the scanning client correctly running, information about shop stands and request baskets is culled, packaged, encrypted and sent to a private API of this web site. This web site then decrypts, validates and processes the data to be shown publicly.

For more detailed information, please review this forum post on the Boundless forums: (link coming soon)